Buro Happold and Personal

2012 and 2015

  • Print and online brochure
  • Hand-made screen print

  • The original Energy image was drawn up to act as an alternative cover for a brochure produced by Buro Happold. Creatives within the company were given different titles for key documents and allowed free reign to create an image inspired by the subject matter. It was a fun challenge and one of the rare opportunities in corporate work where ones creativity is let entirely off the leash.

    A couple of years later I took up screen printing. Having never done an art foundation course I felt I had missed out on the opportunity to get my hands dirty (or at least inky). As I work almost exclusively with a mouse or light pen, I was looking to get to grips with the physical side of creating art. It was a good opportunity to revisit the Energy image and I created monochrome and three colour (Black, blue and yellow) variations. As well as creating vivid prints, I found I enjoyed the accidental flaws inherent in the physical process. The misalignment of layers, the incomplete printing and the bleeding of ink gave each iteration a unique fingerprint and I find the finished result more 'human' than the pristine versions coming out of a laser printer.