Summer Jam 2020



  • Digital print onto fabric

  • The pandemic put a stop on all festivals during the summer of 2020. So it was time to complete a long-gestating project.

    "That would be great name for a band..." If you've ever heard or uttered those words in a pub (and it's usually always in a pub) you'll know that the amount of great band names lying unclaimed is huge. I started collecting them, some of my own, some from friends, and soon I had enough to curate a whole festival of fake bands and artists.

    And if you're curious about who else played, here's a taste:


    Hair metal stalwarts offer big riffs and even bigger choruses. Playing hits form the albums “Worship The Cock” and “Misadventures in Wonderland”, including “Between a Rock and a hard place”, “Fire and Ice” and sports metal anthem “Personal Best”


    Jam band playing a unique blend of Space rock, cosmic funk and prog jazz. Expect long songs and a psychedelic light show with fan favourites “Rhapsody in Blonde”, “Jalapeno Jam”, the epic “Worm”, and if the mood strikes them, sex jam in E major “Deep Honey”

    Boho Wookies

    Local rockers Boho Wookies play a hometown show with their direct and emotional songwriting from the albums “All Intense and Purposeless” and “The Bomb & The Pill”.


    Prog metal supergroup with only 3 songs in their catalogue…. Expect the set to last well over an hour.


    East Berlin heroes Funkenfabrik play their brand of krautrock on allegedly the most valuable collection of vintage synths in the world. Known for “Berlin Marathon” played annually over montages of runners…

    The Oblongs

    Belgian synth-poppers known for their black roll-necks and Mondrian inspired set design.

    The Geoff Gough Trio

    Smooth jazz in the Swindon tradition.

    Dave Staples Quartet

    Jazz fusionists specialising in covers of movie themes.

    Clement Talbot

    If arch, literary chamber pop is your thing, then Clement Talbot’s your man.

    Smokey Quartz

    The veteran bluesman plays blues, 12-bar and otherwise on his homemade harmonica.